The sound of silence

The sound of silence

Have you ever experienced a silence so profound that you could identify each note of its partition? In the Atacama Desert, in Chile, you can listen to the music salt crystals make when they melt in the caves.

In the vast plains of the Yukon in the wintertime it is the snow powder you can hear dancing in the air. On the Volga river, in the midnight sun, I enjoy the slow pace of the waves and the music that the wings of wild geese make in the sky.

Atacama Desert, Chile

Silence allows the ear to perceive a sound in its fullness. In the ocean you can focus on your breathing, on your heartbeat. From the top of a cliff in the Grand Canyon, Colorado, you are faced with the murmur of the wind, rocks rolling and the cry of a coyote. Snowshoeing in Sweden by a lake you may be mesmerized by the melody of the ice slowly breaking and melting.

Grand Canyon

I always felt very relaxed in the wilderness. Open space welcomes silence. And in silence I find peace. I create a space for my own rhythm.

The French novelist Sylvain Tesson spent six months in a shack in Siberia to find peace in solitude and in silence. He said that as long as there will be shacks in the woods, nothing would be lost completely.

Gaspé Peninsula, Canada

Silence might very well be the ultimate luxury we can afford today.

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